Crowdfunding Goals


“Crowdfunding” Fundraising Goals for The People Speak

The People Speak is implementing a demonstration project in San Jose, California, which is a city of one million residents, the 10th largest city in the nation, and the self-styled “Capitol of Silicon Valley.”

Below is a summary of the fundraising goals to be sought by The People Speak during it’s Internet-based crowdfunding campaign.

Please note that all three levels of funding can be achieved if 5%-10% of San Jose voters align themselves with The People Speak and contribute an average of $35 each.

Level One – The People Speak On The Field      $133K
Funding for Level One puts The People Speak on the field with other players in local campaigns. This funding level is primarily a volunteer driven, start-up enterprise that delivers key program capabilities, including:

  1. A Campaign Standards Forum, to produce the standards for campaigning that will be upheld by The People Speak.
  2. The Role of The Media, a public forum produced and sponsored by The People Speak.
  3. “A Call To Order” event, where the civic leadership of The People Speak convenes key players in campaigns to set the tone for a higher level of campaigning during peak campaign seasons.
  4. The Community Court of Public Opinion, where The People Speak recruits, trains, and deploys citizen deliberative panels to address campaign accusations and attacks.
  5. Outreach-and-enrollment of “Frontline Voters” for The People Speak, using civic networking and free media/social media strategies to begin enrolling voters in support of The People Speak program.
  6. Field communications to enrolled Frontline Voters, relying primarily on email and social media.

Level Two – Securing The Frontline Voter Base      $170K more = $303K Total
Level Two ramps up to targeted direct mail and field outreach to enroll greater numbers of Frontline Voters for The People Speak, building on the civic networking/free media strategies of Level One.

Level Two funding also includes producing and hosting a unique Candidates Town Hall Forum during an election. These will be “Oprah” style town hall forums designed primarily to give voters greater insight into the human nature and authentic person behind the public personas of candidates, going beyond the typical candidates forums held by special interest groups.

Level Three – The People Speak Rocks The Political World     $192K more = $434K Total
There is nothing that political operatives respect more than formidable resources of money and organization that can be used to communicate with voters, civic leaders, and the general public.

Level Three “Rocks The Political World” with funding for neighborhood level field operations and a communications budget to reach not only Frontline Voters of The People Speak, but also the larger electorate of likely-to-vote voters with direct mail and other communication mediums.

Just knowing that The People Speak has the funding to deliver its message will serve as an inhibitor for opportunistic players on the campaign field, who constantly must weigh strategic risks and opportunities. In any event, when political operatives violate the adopted Campaign Standards of The People Speak, funding at Level Three for The People Speak will ensure that there is an immediate response that counters and neutralizes unwarranted attacks.

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