Donor Pledges

The People Speak will be conducting a local and national “crowdfunding” campaign on the Internet in the near future.

In preparation for that fundraising campaign we are asking for your early donor pledge in support of The People Speak. Later we’ll be in touch with you regarding your pledge.

Experts in the field of Internet-based crowdfunding campaigns say it is CRUCIAL to have early pledges to prime the pump and position a crowdfunding campaign for a strong start and ultimate success.

For now you simply have to say Yes to a pledge. Your pledge of support, joined with many others, will quickly begin generating social capital and other resources for The People Speak, even before the launch of our crowdfunding/ fundraising campaign.

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THANK YOU for standing with The People Speak to uphold higher standards of political campaigning with a voter-based strategy of counteract and neutralize negative campaigning!

Funding a citywide initiative in San Jose, California, requires a crowdfunding campaign for The People Speak with three ascending levels of funding support:

  • LEVEL ONE  $133K: The People Speak On The Field
  • LEVEL TWO  $170K more = $303K total: Securing The Frontline Voter Base
  • LEVEL THREE  $192K more = $434K total: The People Speak Rocks The Political World

Please note that all three levels of funding can be achieved if 5%-10% of San Jose voters align themselves with The People Speak and contribute an average of $35 each.

To preview what is encompassed in these three funding levels, click here