Action Steps


STEPS BY THE PEOPLE SPEAK  (see “Individual Action Steps” below)


Activate The People Speak Leadership Council 

Recruit and train a community Leadership Council to advise and guide the operations of The People Speak.

Activate the “Community Court of Public Opinion” of The People Speak

Recruit and train citizen deliberative panels to serve as the Community Court of Public Opinion of The People Speak.

Establish Standards for Campaigning

Convene a Campaign Standards work group to draft a Standards For Campaigning document. The Campaign Standards work will be brought to fruition with a public forum process, followed by adoption of this Campaign Standards document by The People Speak Leadership Council.

Enroll San Jose Frontline Voters

Begin enrolling “Frontline Voters” of The People Speak in San Jose, California with a first phase of civic networking and free media/social media, and a second phase of funded field outreach and targeted direct mail aimed at enrolling high propensity voters in San Jose.


Individual Action Steps – For Supporters/Volunteers

See contact information below regarding helping The People Speak with the following action steps.

Host A Home Gathering

The People Speak welcomes the opportunity to meet San Jose voters in a home setting to provide more information about The People Speak and how supporters can be involved at the neighborhood level.

Please contact us if you are willing to host a meeting in your home for this purpose. The meetings would be informal, for approximately one hour, and can be held with only a few people or a full house.

Invite a Speaker to Your Organization

The People Speak welcomes an opportunity to speak at a meeting of your organization, to present more information and answer any questions.

Join Our Social Media Volunteer Team

Join our Social Media Volunteer Team to help monitor and manage traffic on social media sites for The People Speak, which currently include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Join Our Special Events Volunteer Team

Join our Special Events Volunteer Team to help produce special events for The People Speak, including for our Campaign Standards Public Forum and the Community Court of Public Opinion citizen deliberative panels. The Special Events Volunteer Team needs you!

Be An Office Volunteer

The People Speak welcomes volunteers who can assist with office related functions.

For more information and to support The People Speak with these action steps, please send an email to J. Manuel Herrera. You can also call Mr. Herrera at The People Speak, 408-684-4781.