Leadership Roles


Volunteer Leadership Roles for The People Speak

The People Speak is seeking to fill volunteer leadership positions in four priority areas (see below for how to submit your Letter of Interest):

  1. The People Speak Leadership Council, to guide overall operations of The People Speak during an election cycle… Read More
  2. The Community Court of Public Opinion, to serve on citizen deliberative processes that will inquire into accusations and attacks made against participating candidates, leading to “Sense of The Community” statements regarding allegations being made… Read More
  3. The Campaign Standards Community Forum, to propose campaign standards to be upheld by The People Speak and its base of Frontline Voters… Read More
  4. Neighborhood Leaders, to provide grassroots support for the operations of The People SpeakRead More
Submit Your Letter of Interest

Please submit a “Letter of Interest” if you are interested in a volunteer leadership role to help carry out and guide the work of The People Speak.

To serve in a leadership role for an election cycle, you must be a registered voter in San Jose, California. (Participation in the general operations and activities of The People Speak are otherwise open to all interested community members, locally, regionally, and beyond.)

Your Letter of Interest should state which leadership role you are interested in.  Briefly tell us about yourself, and why you’re interested in being considered for this leadership role.

Please forward your Letter of Interest to:

J. Manuel Herrera, Founder, The People Speak

For further information you can inquire by email, or feel free to call Mr. Herrera directly at The People Speak, 408-684-4781