Rewards And Consequences


A Strategy of Rewards and Consequences

The People Speak, leveraging its base of voters, will uphold a high standard of campaigning through a strategy of rewards and consequences (to be fully implemented in future election cycles, 2016, 2018, and beyond).

It’s a truism that candidates and their campaigns crave attention from voters, but it largely eludes them until the closing days of a campaign, and even then the attention of most voters remains demonstrably superficial.

At the heart of the “Rewards” strategy, then, is a program of early relationship building with Frontline Voters of The People Speak, with heightened access to voters who otherwise are typically unresponsive and unavailable to the candidates and their campaigns.

At the core of the “Consequences” strategy of The People Speak is a rapid-response communications program and field-outreach team that will coordinate action to uphold the community’s previously agreed upon standards of campaigning.

Notably, The People Speak will have its own team on the field during the peak campaign season with a communications capability that rivals the campaigns of candidates on the field, but with the singular mission of leveraging the power of Frontline Voters to uphold the community’s standards for campaigning.

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