About Us


The People Speak – Frontline Voters Uplifting Democracy was conceived by J. Manuel Herrera, a Silicon Valley elected official who envisions the transformation of the public square in our communities and an emerging 21st Century politics that is whole, generative, and personally transformative (www.JManuelHerrera.net).

The People Speak Is Categorically Nonpartisan and Politically Unaligned
It’s important to note that no candidates or issues will ever be endorsed by The People Speak. The mission of The People Speak is focused purely on uplifting the democratic process by compelling higher standards for political campaigning.

A Civic Project to Uplift Democracy
The People Speak puts the community in the driver’s seat for how local political campaigns are conducted, using a voter-based strategy of rewards and consequences to compel higher standards of campaigning. The goal is to reduce and even eliminate toxic, attack-style campaigning at the local community level.

A demonstration project of The People Speak is underway in San Jose, California, a city of one million residents where the founder of The People Speak, J. Manuel Herrera, is a long-time elected official.

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