The mission of The People Speak is to uphold higher standards of political campaigning with a voter-based strategy that challenges and neutralizes negative campaigning.
We the people CAN rise above the dehumanized and abusive nature of attack-style politics and free the community to have authentic and creative conversations during hotly contested political races.

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The Voters of San Jose, California
Silicon Valley is Ground Zero


Join this historic civic initiative—The People Speak—in a groundbreaking mobilization to counteract attack-style political campaigning in our public process.

When this new civic model succeeds in San Jose, California (the 10th largest city in the nation), it will chart the course for other communities to accomplish the same.

The full program of The People Speak is based on a bold premise: that a 5%-10% strategic margin of voters can compel all candidates and their campaigns to voluntarily adhere to community agreements for the conduct of local political campaigns, based purely on each candidate’s own self-interest. Furthermore, third-party players operating through “independent expenditure committees” can be countered and neutralized by the strategies of The People Speak as set forth here.

The full implementation of The People Speak program is oriented to upcoming election cycles in 2016 and 2018. In the meantime, The People Speak is actively giving voice to a widespread civic concern about negative campaigning and showcasing The People Speak model for how the community might address the scourge of negative campaigning in future elections.

The People Speak is like a “Noah’s Ark” project and a “Field of Dreams” project – a fantastical effort to uplift democracy and infuse more integrity into the public process.

In the Field of Dreams movie, the creative principle was, “If you build it, they will come.” For The People Speak, the creative principle is, “If the people gather together, the resources will come.”

When hundreds and then thousands of citizens lend their names in support of this civic initiative, The People Speak will surely magnetize all the resources it needs to carry out its bold mission in our democracy.

Please add your name in support of The People Speak.  Your stand of support, joined with many others, will quickly generate social capital and other resources for The People Speak.

San Jose Voters Sign-Up
Voting patterns in San Jose, California show that a margin of only 5%-10% of the voters has a decisive impact in highly contested elections. Sign up today and be a part of that crucial 5%-10%, a “Frontline Voter” for The People Speak, joining with others to uphold higher standards of campaigning in our community. SIGN UP NOW...
Action Steps
You can help! Apply for a volunteer leadership position with The People Speak. Host a home gathering. Invite a speaker to your organization. Join our Social Media volunteer team or our Special Events volunteer team. Be an office volunteer. Email J. Manuel Herrera, Founder of The People Speak, or call The People Speak at 408-684-4781. READ MORE...
Pledge Your Support
An Internet “crowdfunding” campaign for The People Speak will be launched soon. We need early pledges to identify our supporters to ensure a strong kick-off for our fundraising campaign. Experts say it is CRUCIAL to have early pledges to prime the pump and position a crowdfunding campaign for a strong start and ultimate success. Please register your pledge today and join with others to uphold higher standards of campaigning in our democracy! READ MORE...